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Sliding Door

Sliding Door-1

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Galuminium Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding door are very popular for those that prefer the safety of a sliding motion instead of the potential danger of slamming shut during windy conditions of conventional doors



Aluminium sliding door is preferred choice for villa, hotel, house balcony, residence community and high-grade building.


Function Introduction

1, Sliding door realizable four sash door panels option for the final appearance of a construction.

2, Sliding door system designed with multichannel seal, greatly improving the door airtight, water tightness and sound insulation performance.

3, The standard sliding door comes in half frame width opening for access to the patio or deck area. They can come in two or more panels depending on the design of the premises.

4, Heavy –duty top track sliding door system is a patented top of the range sliding door system offing a “one touch” ease of sliding even for big panels of up to 3m height and width per panel, in excess of 500lbs. the system offer high acoustic values when used together with the appropriate sound reduction glass.

5, Sliding door feature an adjustable ball bearing tandem roller assembled to ensure smooth and trouble free operation with weather seals on all sides of the panel.

6, Sliding door supports glazing up to 31mm.

7, The sliding system designed full fills all weather condition and provide a wide range of shapes and panel combination offering the highest possible degree of security. It is also equipped with multi-point locking mechanism hardware to ensure efficiency and safety.


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