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1.    Products:  provide the building & industrial aluminum profiles, with different surface treatment. Provide the well-fabricated aluminum windows & doors, curtain walls, balustrades

2.    Technical Services:  Provide technical support (such as wind load calculation, system optimization), installation guide.

3.    System design services: Based on the clients requirement, develop new systems, which can better meet the client target market requirement.


Honors & Awards

China Well-known Trademark

National Enterprise of New and Advance Technology

National Accreditation Laboratory

Guangdong Province Enterprise Technical Center

Construction of curtain wall and installation Qualification Grade 1 certification

Guangdong Province famous brand product

Guangzhou City first-batch Headquarter Enterprises

High-tech products in Guangdong province

FangYuan products quality system certificate

Adopting international standard products symbolic certificate

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification

China’s top 10 energy-saving and innovative enterprises

The famous trademark of Guangdong province

Contract-honored and credible enterprise

AA level of Guangzhou City harmonious labor relations enterprise

Guangdong province Top 100 Private Enterprise

Workers pioneer organization



Voice of Chairman

A nation without culture isn’t a real nation,

An enterprise without culture is an enterprise without life.

A good culture will bring to civilization, happiness and prosperity,

A bad culture will bring to war, disaster and poverty.

A good culture can turn a bad person into a good man,

A bad culture can turn a good person into a bad man

Galuminium Culture Overview

With the spirit of continuous innovation, Galuminium taking the advantages of its own resources and the effective management pattern, strives for the quality, establishes the brand and creates benefits. The overall appearance, management level, comprehensive strength, equipment health level, security situation, operating performance, human resources development and utilization and the staff team spirit of Galuminium obtain an unprecedented change. Galuminium is striving for the construction of the century-old Galuminium Group with the state of changing rapidly.

The culture of Galuminium collecting the thinking and wisdom of employees, is the crystallization of the era progress, economic development, and the firm growth, both showing the requirements of patriotism, enterprise development and personality shaping, and setting up the values of whole enterprise participation, fully creation and overall excellence creation. Both carrying forward the national spirit of hard working, and keeping pace with the times, grasping the pulse of the times and the personality characteristics to nourish employees and enterprise. Galuminium shapes spirits and forms, enriches the spiritual world of employees, improves the cultural life of staff’s, attracts employees’ actively participation, promotes the enterprise harmonious strength, enhances the influence of the enterprise, strengthens the competitiveness of the enterprise, and makes the enterprise full of vigor, vitality and charm, walking out of a enterprise cultural road full of the characteristics of Galuminium and promoting the enterprise sustained, steady and harmonious development.

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